Barbarians are NPC (Non Player Character) enemies found in numerous places around the map. They spawn alone, and will interact with resources. They make up the majority of the small red dots on the mini map, and will attack rabbits (if they are equipped with a bow), and all player tribes, except for the players that have the missionary ability.

Individual barbarians will sit in the space between meadows and guard a single spot. These are easy to take out and are a good source of exp and resources. In the meadows in the center of the map, groups of barbarians spawn and stay there until a player attacks them.

Barbarians can't harvest resources; when chopping a tree or hitting a rock, the rock or tree won't ever yield resources for them. It shows the chopping animation, but the tree won't fall and the rock won't be destroyed. Although, upon looting a fallen barbarian, they will drop a random amount of resources.

If you have the missionary ability, you are in luck! Barbarians will no longer attack you if you have this ability. You can also recruit Barbarians to join your tribe. They will join your tribe at random, and will follow you around and fight with you. However, you cannot harvest resources from the more central meadows, making resource harvesting much harder.

Strategy Edit

  • Barbarians can have all types of equipment (excluding the Dagger), one could have nothing but an axe while another has a sword, legion helmet, and steel shield. Consider this and carefully note what barbarians have before charging into a fight with them.
  • If you have the missionary ability, use the Barbarians to your advantage! The Barbarians will help you in combat and can throw a pursuing off course. If you are trying to escape an enemy, and they keep chasing you, lead them to one of the middle areas where there's groups of Barbarians! The barbarians will attack them and give you a chance to escape.
  • Barbarians in the middle of the map harvesting resources won't chase you; this means that if you think you'll lose a fight against them, you can retreat, build a campfire, and attack again with full health and no minions killed. However, Barbarians not occupied harvesting resources will chase until you die or they die, if you engage them in combat.

Videos Edit

Wanderers devlog - Barbarians

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