Come closer and sit by the campfire - The campfire tooltip once it is lit.
The campfire is a placable entity that is used to regenerate your minion's health in exchange for food. It is a very important part of the gameplay, due to the fact that it's the only way to regenerate your tribe's health without replacing minions.

The campfire is available at the beginning of the game, and can be built at any time. It costs 1 - 6 wood depending on the size of your tribe. 1 minion means it costs 1 wood, 2 minions make it cost 2 wood, etc. The campfire is located in the upper left corner of your screen. Place it by selecting it and then dragging it to where you want it to go. Click to drop it, and then click it again to light it. 

Screenshot (212)

An unlit campfire


Screenshot (61)

Multiple Atlantean tribes around a campfire

Your minions will automatically move around the campfire once they are close enough. Minions that don't have full HP will throw pieces of food into the campfire. Food then pops back out, and instead of going back into your inventory, each piece will restore 1 HP for one of your minions. 

Minions will move around any campfire that's not being occupied by enemies: you can get multiple tribes of the same faction around 1 campfire. Because of this, if you are teaming with someone, make sure to coordinate so that only 1 of you places a campfire. You don't want to place multiple campfires when 1 can work fine for multiple tribes.

Trivia Edit

  • The campfire is very similar to the campfire in because of the fact that it restores health.
  • The campfire actually has three tooltips:
    • Heal 1 HP for 1 food - When you're hovering your mouse over it in the GUI
    • Light it up - When the campfire is built but not lit
    • Come closer and sit by the campfire - When the campfire is lit
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