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The Castle is a complex player made structure in Wanderers.io, and the namesake of the Castles game mode.

Castles are comprised of, at minimum, Stone Walls but may include Stone Gates and/or Stone Towers. Castles are most often protective structures, built to isolate one or more Meadows for control by a color team or to house resource storage structures.

Castle Construction[]

A Castle is automatically recognized and designated when a minimum of 4 Stone Walls are constructed in a square or diamond pattern, forming a fully enclosed area within.

There is no known upper limit to Castle size, save for the perimeters of the map. Castle size is limited mostly by the availability of Wood within the map and a player/team's ability to defend its perimeter walls from enemies.

Any allied Tribe with a Builder may contribute to the construction of Castle elements for any Castle or other wall structure belonging to the same color team. If one player places the frame of an element, another player can finish the construction. Resources will be taken from whichever Tribe is actively performing construction.

Castle Generation, Naming, and Scoring[]

Once a castle has been enclosed, it is automatically assigned a name selected at random from a list of pre-generated names. Players have no input into the naming process.

The generated name then appears in the list of "Top Castles" in the builders' team color, accompanied by the Castle's relative score.

The score attributed to a castle appears, at the moment, to be a reflection of the Castle's size only, and does not account for anything built into the walls or contained within. The larger the Castle's interior, as determined by the area within the outermost ring of walls, the greater the resultant score shown both over the Castle and on the list of "Top Castles".

Note: If a player is unsatisfied with their Castle's name, the name may be re-rolled if the player destroys a perimeter wall, then rebuilds it. This incurs a cost in the form of Gold (to destroy the wall) and wood (to rebuild the wall), however.

Castle Upgrades[]

The Stone Walls of a Castle may be upgraded with either the Stone Gate or Stone Tower structures. Stone Gates allow a player's Tribe to enter an enclosed Castle perimeter. A minimum of one Stone Gate is necessary if players plan to access their Castle's interior.

Towers are optional but provide ideal, elevated locations for Archers, allowing them to attack from within the safety of the castle while increasing their range when targeting enemy units.

Modifying Castles[]

Currently, once a Castle has been closed, named, and scored, modifications to the Castle's exterior are no longer possible (outside of upgrades to gates or towers). A Castle may not have sectioned off interior spaces and expansions to the Castle's exterior are not allowed.

To work around this, players need only to destroy any single outer wall of their Castle. With the outer perimeter broken, the game no longer recognizes the structure as a Castle, the Castle's name and score are removed from above the structure and from the "Top Castles" list, and modifications to the perimeter may begin.

A Castle may have walls built within, so long as they do not connect perimeter walls to each other, forming complete interior "rooms". Use this to your advantage with Stone Towers in the event that your larger Castle is breached.

Once expansion of a Castle is complete, closing the outer perimeter of Stone Walls will cause the game to again recognize the Castle as such, assign it a new name, and tally up the new score (greater if the perimeter was increased, lesser if decreased).

Castle Access[]

Completed Castles, and subsequently any structure created by a player, are freely accessible to any other players' Totem/Tribe belonging to the same color team. Any Stone Gates may be crossed, any Stone Tower occupied, any resource storage structure taken from or donated to, by any allied player's Totem/Tribe. Conversely, any opposing color teams' Totem/Tribe are blocked from entry so long as a Castle's perimeter wall is intact. Only one perimeter wall needs to be breached by an opposing Tribe in order to "destroy" the Castle in terms of scoring and obtaining access.

Note: Castle walls do NOT prevent any player from placing their Totem within a Castle's interior, but DO prevent that player's Tribe from reaching that Totem unless there is a usable Stone Gate (allies), or the Tribe has Builders that destroy the nearest perimeter wall (enemies), between the Tribe and Totem.

Another Note: If a Tribe's Totem is moved too quickly through or around any Stone Walls or Castles that block the Tribe from seeing it, the Tribe will lose sight of the Totem and stop where they are, remaining in place until the Totem is moved back into sight.

Castle Destruction[]

The walls and other elements of a Castle may be intentionally torn down by any player on the same color team as the builder(s) at the cost of 15 Gold per section.

Note: Tearing down the elements of allied Castles is generally frowned upon.

Castle elements can be damaged and destroyed by opposing Tribes featuring Builders. Position your Builders within range of enemy structures and they will set to work tearing them down. If enemy Builders approach your Castle walls, move to intercept and kill them quickly or they will reduce a Castle to rubble and take the Wood to add insult to injury.

Catapults are also a grave danger to Castles. Build a Catapult near enemy Castles and lay siege to their defenses to make short work of them from a distance. Conversely, beware enemy Catapults erected within sight of your Castle Walls; act quickly or there won't be walls left to defend.

2 Wood are dropped from every destroyed Castle element, regardless of the means of destruction.