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Catapults are player-built weapons used to destroy enemy buildings. They are an available structure in castle mode, and require players to load them with gold before firing. 

Catapults are available from the start in the bottom menu. When you select it, you will be able to place the catapult wireframe anywhere, as long as there are no other structures in the radius. Any minions with hammer on your team with wood will begin building the catapult. 

The build radius of the catapult

Catapults have a single flag that is the same color as the faction that built them. 

A catapult wireframe


Left click the catapult to load it with gold. A rock will appear in the bowl of the catapult, and it will automatically pivot and fire at any nearby enemy walls or other structures.

When no enemy structures are nearby, the catapult will hold the gold that was loaded into it. Each gold piece is one shot for the catapult, and it will start to use these shots when enemy structures are built within range. Catapults will store gold indefinitely until they are destroyed or the gold is used up. 

Catapults do not attack minions, only structures. 

Loaded(top left) an unloaded(bottom right) catapults next to each other.

Tips and Tricks[]

Catapults are very useful for attacking enemy castles; however you must be careful that you have 7 wood before building the catapult. A wireframe sitting just outside enemy walls won't help you at all. Similarly, you must have enough gold to do damage to the walls.

Leaving catapults in your castle is a very good strategy. Load them beforehand, and they become a turrent/sentry that the enemy can't destroy. They will also quickly take out enemy catapults while they are being built, before they can do damage to your base.

A loaded catapult of the observers faction ignoring enemy minions of the wanderers faction.

Previous Versions[]

The old catapults had to be aimed by the player. When you held the catapult, a target would appear on the ground. Continuing holding the catapult and moving the mouse moved the target. These catapults were removed because the iffy hitbox of the target made it extremely difficult to destroy walls; players would aim directly at the enemy walls but most of their shots wouldn't do damage.

There was also a bug where rocks would hover forever above catapults.