Inventions are special skills and items not available from the beginning of the game. These skills require exp points to unlock. The amount of exp points needed for each upgrade increases exponentially as you go through the game and as you research more and more inventions.  

Some inventions require you to have unlocked certain items before being able to research them, ex: You must research scythe before being able to get mycology and farming. 

The EXP bottle at the bottom left of the screen shows how close you are to getting your next upgrade. When it fills up, the inventions bar will appear. Some inventions, like items, will move to the right or left side of the screen. Other thing like inventions won't show any visual change to the screen but will affect gameplay.  

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The inventions bar at the beginning of the game

Once the improvement bottle says "Max", you can't get upgrades anymore. You are limited to a certain number of upgrades, so choose wisely.

03 technologies

An image from the presskit detailing inventions

List of Inventions Edit

Here are the list of inventions you can unlock. Click them to learn more about them.

Hammer: Will give you the option to create a miner. 

Scythe: Will give you the option to create a farmer. 

Sword: Will give you the option to create a knight.

DaggerWill give you the option to create a rogue.

Backpack: Your maximum number of resource is now 40, instead of 20

Helmet (1-3): Your minions will be able to equip helmets (adding more HP). +1, +2 to +3 HP

Shield (1-3):  Your minions will be able to equip shields (adding more of a chance to block an attack). 20, 40 to a 50% chance of blocking.

Shock ArrowAdds +1 damage dealt with your archer, to opponents without a shield.

Butchery: Dead animals will give you more meat.

Cannibalism: Dead bodies give you more meat.

Mycology: You will not get poisoned by mushrooms (only available after researching the scythe).

Farming: Cutting grass will provide you with extra food (only available after researching scythe).

Stay: Will give you the option to order your minions to stay at a meadow, instead of following you.

Saw: You will get extra wood from trees.

Missionary: The Barbarians will not attack you, but you can't gather resources from their meadows.

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