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Inventions are the upgrades of Wanderers.io — new tool types, armor, and passive skills acquired by leveling up the character.  

Each time a player levels up, they can unlock one new invention for their tribe. The experience points (XP) required to level up increases exponentially as the player progresses. The XP bottle at the bottom left of the screen shows the progress towards the next upgrade. When the XP bottle fills, the invention selection bar will appear. Some inventions, like items, will move to the right or left side of the screen. Passive skill inventions won't show any visual change but will affect gameplay.  

The inventions bar at the beginning of the game

Players are capped at nine (9) upgrades and cannot level up or change their chosen inventions beyond that point. The only way to reset one's inventions is to respawn by dying or restarting Wanderers.io.

Some inventions require unlocking certain precursor upgrades before they can be researched. The Mycology invention, for example, requires first unlocking the Scythe.

An image from the presskit detailing inventions

List of Inventions[]

Here are the list of inventions you can unlock. Click them to learn more about them.

Hammer (tool): Build, mine stone, and fight 

Scythe (tool): Harvest grass, harvest crops, as well as fight. 

Sword (tool): Fight with increased attack speed.

Dagger (tool): Steal gold on hit; only hunters and other rogues can be targeted.

Backpack (passive): Increase maximum carrying capacity per resource to 40, from 20

Helmet (armor, tiers 1-3): +HP to the wearer (+1, +2 or +3 HP)

Shield (armor, tiers 1-3):  % block chance to the wielder (20%, 40%, or 50% chance to block incoming attacks.)

Shock Arrow (passive): +1 damage dealt from archers to opponents without a shield.

Butchery (passive): +1 meat gained from butchering animals

Cannibalism (passive): +1 meat gained from looting people.

Mycology (passive): Mushrooms no longer poison minions (only available after researching the scythe).

Farming (passive): +1 food gained from harvesting grass (only available after researching scythe).

  • BUG: Farming (passive) currently has no effect.

Stay (passive): Order minions to guard a meadow instead of following the player totem.

  • BUG: Stay (passive) sometimes does not appear after being leveled.

Saw (passive): +1 wood gained from trees.

Missionary (passive): Barbarians will not attack the player, but the player can no longer gather resources from meadows near barbarians.