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Minions are entities which the player controls. Minions can be equipped with weapons, helmets, shields, and abilities. They can also interact with their environment in many different ways.

Collecting resources[]

Minions can use their hands or tools to collect various resources.

Item name Tool used Effects
Mushroom Hand +1 food or 1 damage
Tree Axe +1(*multiplier) wood
Rock Hammer +0-3 gold
Rabbit Bow +1(*multiplier) food
Grass Scythe +0-1 random item
Enemy Minion/Barbarian Anything but hand + (Enemy inventory)

Movement []

Minions move independently while the totem is stationary. When the totem is moved by the player, the minions will follow in the general direction of the totem but may stray to interact with other enemy minions or objects. The minions will always move to stay within the totems radius, and will warp to the totem when it reaches too far out.

Minions will stray farther away from the totem to collect resources. It is not unusual to watch one of your minions walk across the screen deep into another tribe, grab whatever resource they wanted, and leave peacefully to go back to your totem. This usually happens if combat has taken place where your totem is, and that the combatants had fallen behind the totem, and had been killed there.

Minions will also stick near a campfire. Sometimes it takes the totem moving to near the edge of the screen to make minions get up and catch up.