Mushrooms are a type of vegetation available on every meadow, spawned periodically by clouds. Mushrooms are classified as a food source. There are 10 types of mushrooms.

Effects Edit

Currently 6 of 10 mushroom types are edible, giving 1 unit of food when gathered. The remaining 4 deal 1 damage to the tribesman who gathered it. The mycology upgrade converts poisonous mushrooms into edible ones for any player that unlocks it.

Edible mushroomsEdit

EDIBLE Grey spotted

Grey spotted mushrooms are edible.

Green mushrooms are edible.
Blue mushrooms are edible.
EDIBLE Brown pointy
Brown pointy mushrooms are edible.
EDIBLE Bright orange
Bright orange mushrooms are edible.
EDIBLE Grey red-stemmed
Grey red-stemmed mushrooms are edible.

Poisonous mushroomsEdit

Image Description
POISON Brown cap
Brown cap mushrooms hurt a tribe member for -1 hp.
POISON Grey short
Grey short mushrooms hurt a tribe member for -1 hp.
POISON Spotted red cap
Spotted red cap mushrooms hurt a tribe member for -1 hp.
Orange mushrooms hurt a tribe member for -1 hp.

Trivia Edit

- Using poisonous mushrooms can be useful for releasing unwanted tribesmen(As long as you don't have mycology).

- Players aware which mushrooms to pick can potentially feed their tribe on this food source alone for the whole game.

- A good way to remember which mushrooms are good is “every ringed shroom except the brown gray one”.

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