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Ogres are the large creatures that protect the center clearing. Ogres carry a large hammer and seem to be wearing an animal skin kilt around their body. Currently they only live in the middle meadow. They will attack any player that tries to take over the meadow they are in, but don't interact with barbarians or anything other than players.

While they are an obstacle between you and conquering the large center clearing, it is worth it to kill one if you see it, because of the fact that they drop so many loot crates. You can get a lot of EXP and resources from killing the ogre.


Ogres aren't that much of a challenge for your minions. They have a very slow rate of attack, and sometimes won't even get a chance to attack your minions(due to the very slow rate of attack). They are more dangerous in the sense that they distract your minions from the barbarians that also occupy the center meadow, and that they are allied with the barbarians in the center.

The barbarians and the ogre in the center meadow


  • Ogres are much stronger in wilds.io, where they have three different attacks and much more health.
  • The color palette for the ogre is very similar to the colors of barbarians, since they both seem to be wearing the same animal skins.



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