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Many have complained about their minions being dumb in terms of their AI. Many cases were reported that their minions avoid picking up dropped items and they tend to sit around nearby campfires doing nothing. In this following article, this situation would be introduced briefly.

A summarized order could be determined based on user-system interactions and finding the patterns among them. 

The prioritized minions' movements:

  1. Attacking/Defending themselves against Hostile Units(E.g. Barbarians, minions of enemy tribes)
  2. Sitting near a campfire(Either healing or doing nothing stationery)
  3. Killing rabbits(applies when archers are presented within the 6 minions that the player deploys)
  4. Interacting with environmental objects(cutting grasses, trees, mining stones, destroying structures)
  5. Picking up droppings(Including picking up droppings caused by other players)

Note: Some situations occur rarely. Still needs revision

The following contexts will introduce the common scenarios that a player may encounter. 

Campfire-Dropping Situation[]


This is a situation when minions avoid picking up the droppings and tend to sit and do nothing around the campfire.