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Rabbits are non-aggressive creatures that can be hunted by tribesmen armed with bows for food and experience. They are spawned by the clouds then eat tall grass to multiply. Rabbits should have 2 max health when born, but they are known to breed tank rabbits(due to a glitch) that can take even more punishment. When rabbits are killed they will give 1 exp to tribe that killed them, and the corpse will yield 1 unit of food(2 if tribesman was from a tribe that unlocked the Butchery upgrade).


Rabbits travel in herds seeking tall grass to feast on. In the beginning there is only one rabbit, as they eat tall grass they will spawn more rabbits into herd. If a rabbit from the herd is hurt and survives damage, the herd will flee for few seconds, and then resume going after the tall grass it wanted to eat.

Rabbits feeding on grass in a small clearing


- Tankiest known tank rabbit took at least 13 arrows before dying. Who knows how much punishment it survived earlier?

- When rabbits breed, newborn ones have random fur color ranging anywhere from original snow-white to grey.

- It is advised to keep one or two hunters just for sake of gaining experience from hunting rabbits.

- Because rabbits ignore danger when their family is killed outright, it might be good idea to get Shock Arrow upgrade early for hunters if you plan to use it.