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Stay is an unlockable invention in Wanderers.io.

Using Stay on a minion converts them to a stayed unit, releasing them from your tribe and making them guard the nearest meadow for your team. The minion's health bar will turn yellow signifying they are no longer part of your tribe (The player's minion count will decrease by one.) but still allied to your team.

A group of 3 or more stayed units will leave their meadow and attack any enemies in their path. This behavior is likely a deterrent for stacking lots of units on the same meadow.

Like all units, a stayed unit's first priority is combat. Stayed units will also pick up resources, though the previous owner will not gain these resources on pickup. (If a command exists for collecting resources from stayed units, it is currently undocumented.)

Stayed units will gather at a nearby campfire when lit, recovering health. A stayed unit begins with one meat to recover its health and will share any meat it collects with other stayed units it is in the same group with.


  • A stayed archer can occupy an allied stone tower in Castle Mode.
    • Archers in a tower will not chase other units.
  • Guarding a meadow can deter weaker enemies from gathering resources and provide backup in fights.

Known issues[]


  • Stay does not become available until leveling up again and unlocking another invention.
    • Unlocking Stay as the last research level (level 9) will waste that research point.
  • After chasing a player, a field guard will not return to its meadow, staying where it last stopped.