A group of green totems surrounded by their minions.

The totem is the large object that your minions follow. It can be picked up by your hand, and can be moved to guide the minions around the map. The totem is the center point for the camera, and so is always at the very center of the screen. Minions will follow the totem unless distracted by resources or enemies.

Different factions have different colored totems that match the colors of the minions. Non-unique Faction Color can either be Brown Colored or Red Colored, however, Unique Faction Color can be white, blue, pink and etc.

In the map, you see players with the same faction as yours as green, while those who are of the opposing faction will be seen as red regardless of color.

Screenshot (142)

An older version of the totems

Mechanics Edit

The totem stays stationary until you move it. Nothing you or any other sprite or entity in the game can move it, except for you. To move your totem, simply use the hand shaped mouse to grab it and drag it where you want your minions.

Combat is based on the totem's position, not the movement of minions. To initiate combat or to run away, you must move the totem close to the other player's totem. Similarly, resource harvesting is determined by the totem’s position; minions will not pick up resources unless the totem is near where the resources were dropped or harvested.

Restriction regarding location of totem:

  • Player cannot collect resources unless both Totem and Minions are near the said resources.
  • Player cannot heal minions if the Totem is not within the campfire because no action would be initiated
  • Totem is restricted to have moderate distance between minions because the "camera" and its speed of movement does so.
  • Totem can be hit by arrows, so it may hinder when doing tasks such as hunting or battling.
  • Messages sent would depend on the location of the Totem, if the Totem moves after the message is sent then until the message is fully sent it would stay on the said location, not the "moving Totem itself".

The headdress Edit

When you gain points, your totem grows feathers. These feathers can help other players tell how experienced you are. Totems lose all feathers after dying or restarting.

A skull also appears on the totem of the player with the highest score in a server.

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