The well is a storage building to store water for the purpose keeping a meadow green. To get water, a player must be near and left click on the well. Right clicking will move water from your inventory back to the well.

It costs 2 wood to place a well. To place it, select the well icon at the bottom of the screen, then click where you want to place it. A well has multiple restrictions on where it can be placed: It must be on the edge of a meadow, and no other buildings can be in the placing radius. You also can't place a well on a meadow that already has a well.

Screenshot (302)

Correct vs incorrect placement

Mechanics Edit

Screenshot (299)

A completely empty well

Once a well is placed on a meadow, it controls that meadow's water. To take water from a well, left click it. To put back water, right click it. Removing water will dehydrate a meadow, and putting water in a well will turn it green.

When placed, a well is completely full of water, making it a very abundant resource. As crops use up a meadow's water supply, the water in the well doesn't go down or up. Rain on meadows will also fill wells.

Catapults will lock onto and destroy wells in two hits.

Screenshot (305)

A well when full

Tips and Tricks Edit

Wells are very easy to make and are very useful. They make growing crops much easier and faster, and because they spawn completely full of water, water is very easy to get. A good strategy is to put wells on outlying meadows not too far from your base, and filling wells that are in your base with these.

Remember to search the area around you castle for wells. There's no need to waste resources to build a well when there are others nearby.

While wells are the fastest way to hydrate a meadow, they are also very fast at dehydrating meadows. Never take from the wells that are hydrating the clearings you are farming on. You can use this to your advantage as well; quickly run in and out of enemy castles, grabbing as much of their water as you can without dying. Slowing down their food production means they can't heal as well, meaning they will be easier to beat in an invasion later on.

If you remove water from a well while the cloud is raining on it, you can restock your supply of water without draining the well.

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