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Wood storage, available in castle wood to share wood among the same team

Wood can be acquired by either chopping down trees with a lumberjack, cutting grass with a farmer, looting dead minions, opening loot chests, or destroying enemy buildings with a miner (castle mode only). It can also be taken from and stored in wood storage in castle mode.

Wood can be traded for gold on a 1:1 exchange ratio at the lumber mill. In castle mode, a tree can be planted on a meadow at the cost of 2 food.

Wood can be used for building campfires, equipping minions with bows, axes, hammers, or scythes. The amount of wood required for each purpose scales with the number of minions in the tribe.


Wood is an important early-game resource as the expanding tribe needs to be equipped. For an all-resouce build (build without rogues and knights), it takes 14 woods to equip a full-sized 6-minion tribe.

In tribes mode, in the endgame where the tribe becomes fully equipped and battle-ready, wood is only useful for building campfires and re-equipping new minions. If managed carefully, it is possible to have a steady supply of wood without a lumberjack, completely relying on war loots and chests, especially if backpack is invented.

In castle mode, the consumption of wood skyrockets as defense structures (walls, gates, towers, and catapults) all cost 2 wood to build and another 5 wood to finish. A typical castle worth 1300 points minimally encompassing the central meadow with 4 gates and one tower for every 2 walls takes 154 wood to build. This need can be efficiently met by the collaboration of resource squads with farmers and lumbers staying put and acquiring wood from trees and grass, and scavenge squads with hunters and miners that bring down enemy buildings for wood, and supply the resource squads with food and water.